Viet Nam : des nouvelles de Thuc

Ces quelques nouvelles reçues par le blog « The 88 Project » qui donne régulièrement des nouvelles de prisonniers d’opinion au Viet Nam

Tran Huynh Duy Thuc is a successful entrepreneur and economist, the founder of one of the first Vietnamese companies to reach the global market. He was arrested in May 2009 for writing a blog to advocate for economic and political changes and for his association with the unsanctioned Democratic Party of Vietnam. He was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment in January 2010 – a particularly high sentence at the time, only because he challenged the legitimacy of the judges who tried his own case (how can the judges who are members of a political party be impartial in deciding the cases of alledged members of an opposition party?). It has been almost nine years since Thuc’s arrest, yet his spirit remains as strong as ever. He must have sent hundreds of letters home to his family and friends, which are full of insights on current domestic and international affairs and philosophical matters, as well as poems and songs he composed. There should be a bilingual collection of selections of Thuc’s creations and writings in prison. That is such a daunting task, so I would like to appeal to Diacritics’ readership of bilingual authors, translators and editors to lend a hand in this effort.

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